Directions for use

Open and enjoy!

Specific directions for use of each product included in the box.


Brief product information included in the box.

Please refer to the brands’ own websites for full ingredients until the FertiliBox shop launches on 15.07.19. Carry out a patch test if ever unsure.

If you have any queries about products or ingredients, please do not hesitate to contact us.

7 reviews for Limited Edition Summer Launch Box

  1. Kasia Manton (verified owner)

    Thank you, my Fertilibox arrived! It’s all kinds of wonderful! I loved the surprise element of not knowing what would be inside and having a beautifully packaged gift waiting for me after a hard day at work! I was not disappointed, it was like you knew what I needed! All the products are such good quality and and well thought about, the fact they are all cruelty free and eco-friendly is just brilliant. When you go through the struggles of TTC sometimes you just need a little something to pick you up and this was the perfect gift to myself. Bravo!

  2. Kate

    Wow the summer launch fertilibox is amazing! It felt like a present was waiting for me at home, and when I got back, I was so impressed with the contents! You have taken all of the hard work out of the product research for us and I love how the products perfectly complement the time of year. I’ll definitely order the next one! Thank you so much 😊

  3. Katie

    How exciting! FINALLY… a guilt free treat for yourself when ordering something to help with clean living for TTC! Much more exciting than my other TTC orders of vitamins and supplements!! It is a bit of fun too, opening a box and not knowing exactly what’s in it, then reading about the fantastic products! A great mixture of health, wellbeing, nutrition, beauty and happiness! Thank you Fertilibox for taking all of the hard work out of the product research and for giving us a guilt free treat!! Can’t wait for the next one to be released already! 🙂

  4. Kate Meakin

    I absolutely love my summer holiyay fertilibox! The most beautiful full size products that I can’t wait to try.
    I was so excited to open the box and I love the thought behind this brilliant eco-friendly design.
    Such a lovely treat when you are trying to conceive 🍍🍍🍍

  5. Kina

    A well needed treat for anyone riding the fertility rollercoaster and such a great surprise to open a box of full sized products that have made me squeal with excitement at the thought of trying them. You can really tell that a lot of thought has gone into the product selection and the recipes were an added bonus.

  6. Emily Preston

    This inspiring box exceeded my expectations. Full of wonderful products I had not heard of or used before and such a treat that the hard work of figuring out if they contained any nasties had already been done. Fantastic value for money and introduced me to products I will buy again. Roll on next month for my next order. Thank you Fertilibox 🙂

  7. Clare Langer

    I was lucky enough to receive two of the Holiyay Fertiliboxes! One was a gift from a fellow IVF-er who sent it to cheer me up after our recent, and 3rd IVF miscarriage. I was delighted to open both boxes each time, to unveil what fertility friendly surprises were inside! And I wasn’t disappointed. Several full size products to try which is SO much better than tiny trial sizes that run out after one use. I loved the box information inserts printed on recycled paper with toxin free ink, a recipe card and using them in conjunction with the products inside. Nothing beats sending and receiving post and when you’re struggling to conceive either naturally or with assisted conception/IVF little treats that you CAN use are a sure fire way to brighten your day and encourage some self care. Gift a box to yourself, friend, family or a colleague. You won’t be disappointed and you’ll find out about new toxin free brands. Congratulations Natasha & Jess on your business! 🧡

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