Whilst going through IVF treatment together, sisters Natasha and Jessica came up with the idea for FertiliBox in a moment of shared inspiration …

By 2018, Natasha had been through several rounds of grueling and ultimately unsuccessful IVF due to multiple fertility issues. Seeing her sister repeatedly heartbroken, Jessica offered to become an egg donor for her and her partner in an attempt to help them achieve their long-held dreams of becoming parents.

Unfortunately, two attempts to carry embryos with Jessica’s eggs also failed, and Natasha was once again left wondering what else she could try to increase her chances of getting pregnant. Medical specialists repeatedly told her there was nothing she could do to improve her egg quality and general fertile health, but she simply wasn’t prepared to accept this. She started researching and talking to different professionals and found that by changing her diet, taking the right nutritional supplements, and cutting out any personal, household, health, and beauty products that could negatively impact her egg quality and general fertility, she could improve her fertile health naturally.

In 2019, after totally overhauling her diet and lifestyle, Natasha and her partner decided to give IVF using Natasha’s own eggs one more go – the difference was remarkable! Natasha is now preparing to transfer a great quality embryo that is waiting patiently on ice!

Although making all the changes was undoubtedly worthwhile, there was no denying that it was a massive job to find health, beauty and lifestyle products that were both lovely and safe to use, as well as gathering all the other information about nutrition and diet that was needed. Whilst on this journey, Natasha complained to Jessica about how frustrating it was that all of this couldn’t be found in one place – and that’s when the idea of FertiliBox was born!

A subscription box service and one-stop shop for anyone wanting to improve their fertile health – packed full of fertility-friendly beauty, nutrition and lifestyle products and information, all endorsed by a team of fertility experts and confirmed as entirely safe to use whilst TTC and during pregnancy.