Whilst going through IVF treatment together, sisters Natasha and Jessica came up with the idea for FertiliBox in a moment of shared inspiration.

By 2018, Natasha had been through several rounds of grueling and ultimately unsuccessful IVF. Seeing her sister repeatedly heartbroken, Jessica offered to become an egg donor for her and her partner in an attempt to help them achieve their long-held dreams of becoming parents.

Natasha had already been making lifestyle changes to improve her fertility naturally for some time, but for Jessica, this now meant changing her diet and cutting out any personal, household, health, and beauty products that could negatively impact upon her egg quality and general fertility.

One day during their treatment cycle, Natasha received a beauty box she had subscribed to over a year before. She eagerly opened it to see what treats were inside, but was dismayed to find that only one of the five items was safe to use whilst trying to conceive due to some of the ingredients in the other products being known to have a detrimental effect on fertile health.

Deflated, the girls mused about how amazing it would be if there was a subscription box for people wanting to improve their fertile health – packed full of fertility-friendly beauty, nutrition and lifestyle products and information. That’s when disappointment turned to excitement and the concept of FertiliBox was born.