What will I get in my box?

Each box will contain a minimum of five fertility-friendly and fertility-enhancing products across the four FertiliBox lifestyle categories: Health, Beauty, Nutrition and Happiness. Boxes will also include nutritional advice, recipes, and fertility and/or wellbeing advice from the FertiliBox experts. All boxes will contain contents totalling a minimum of £50 RRP.

When will I be able to subscribe?

We’ll be taking subscriptions from October, ready for our official launch in November. The first subscription boxes will be sent out in the second week of November 2019.

Once I’ve subscribed, what happens when I get pregnant?

Congratulations! As soon as this happens, you’ll be able to update your profile and switch to FertiliBox for pregnancy. Any queries, drop us an email.

Can I return my box?

Boxes are non-refundable. However, if any product in your box is damaged or faulty, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When does the FertiliBox Shop open?

15th July 2019! However, please note, this is our soft launch date, so we will have a limited selection of products and brands available. We will gradually be expanding our shop contents in the lead up to the FertiliBox official launch in November 2019, and from then onwards we will continue to expand our range every month.

Are the products in the Limited Edition Summer Launch Box suitable for use during pregnancy as well as whilst trying to conceive?

Yes – absolutely! Whilst the recipes and advice in the summer box are currently tailored towards women trying to conceive, all of the products are entirely safe to use during pregnancy. The recipes have multiple nutritional benefits for pregnancy too.

Will my box be personalised?

In 2020 you will be asked to complete a health and beauty profile. This information will be used to help us to personalise your boxes.

Where do you ship?

We currently only offer shipping within the UK, but we’re working on our international shipping options. If you are interested in subscribing from outside of the UK, please let us know via our contact us page, as we’re going to be monitoring interest.

Are all the products I’ll receive in my boxes and find in the FertiliBox shop natural and organic?

All the products carefully selected for FertiliBox contain naturally occurring ingredients, and wherever possible, these are also organic and/or sustainably sourced. You might occasionally find some synthetic additives but please be assured that none of these are known to impact negatively upon fertility and are not harmful to health.

What will be available in the FertiliBox Shop?

A selection of products from each of our brand partners, across the four FertiliBox lifestyle categories.